Monday, 19 March 2012

i have a thing for... ROSE HUE

 monki ss12 collection - pinks + corals + beige = amazing combo

 street shots by carolines mode - metallic rose shorts

  street shots by stylesight

 zara - light coral asymmetrical accordion dress

 zara - more accordion dresses
 madewell - coral stripes + lilac pants = omg
 monki rose gold ring
 street shot by stylesight

do you like pink? i probably like pink more than i know.
i refuse to like this colour in the past becoz it was too feminine to me. however, this season's dream like palette leads me to rethink this colour as my new fav - especially the rose and coral pink tones that matches so well with all the other pastel tones.

metallic rose and rose gold are replacing the regular vintage gold, bringing more warmth and softer than ever.

 check out the monki spring collection -

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