Thursday, 29 March 2012

i have a thing for... A 3-COURSE MEAL CHALLANGE

first of all, i would like to thank friends who gave me positive feedbacks about my little blog. it is soooooo encouraging to know friends who has great taste and sense are reading my random scribbling! your comments are very valuable to me so please keep talking!!! :)

okay so, today is officially the first year wedding anniversary. to objectively express my 'love' and 'thankful heart' to my husband for putting up with my hot temper and take-it-for-granted attitude, i have decided to cook something nice for him. therefore a week ago i started going through recipes and thought Jamie Oliver's are quite a good idea to try out.

right, the pictures might be very much misleading coz i am quite sure i won't be able to achieve this quality... but then we got this new grill thing at home and it would be a waste if i never start to learn how to use it. fingers cross, i won't be eating instant noodles tonight instead or having fireman in my house... lol (i have linked the captions with the recipes feel free to click on them if you are interested)

i'll let you know what's the result later on...................

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