Thursday, 3 November 2011

i have a thing for... DUST

A lot of friends recently have decided that they had enough of their horrible bosses, or cannot stand the office politics anymore. so another door opened - they have started their own business. it is quite a risk to take, without the sharp sense of what the end customer needs and a designer's eye, it must be very hard to survive in this land of retail war.

in Hong Kong, the fashion accessory market is always in demand... especially leather goods. picky people like myself are always looking for something that is in good quality, fair price and fashionable, something that goes with everything but also has a touch of edginess in it.

you know that feeling when you have discovered the dream dress/bag/shoes/belt/necklace which you have been looking for so long... i once longed for a vintage satchel style leather bag, i have tried so hard to look everywhere but they were either too rough, or the leather colour is not right (and pricey), or it's not even real leather. when i came to Dust, which is a newly started business founded by my designer friends, i was so overwhelmed. i now owned a few bags of their brand and carrying one of them everyday. it REALLY GOES WITH EVERYTHING.

most of all, i am a big supporter not just for their products, but also the courage they have to put their dream into action, wanting to make a difference in their design career. it is certainly not easy, but they did it.

Dust Group
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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