Sunday, 20 November 2011

i have a thing for... WINTER (PART 2)

yes i did it!!! i bought the jacket~~~ i bought the jacket~~~ lalalalalala

so that's one pain in the ass solved. i really, truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope that this will be the last purchase of my winter wardrobe... however, in reality i think unless i don't go within a 100 metres of these shops, i won't be able to fulfill the promise of not buying another piece of garment this winter. crap!!!

well this is the end of my confession. that was the shopping remedy i need to calm my past week's stress down. i deserve it!!!

here i am comparing the olive green parka jackets available in fast fashion stores in HK (except the one from Topshop which i feel i should also take it into account as they are the pioneers of FF).

Topshop - soso... don't like the sherpa lining

 Zara - looks too fitted and short

 Zara - unattractive colour and trims

  Zara - not warm enough for cold weather and not my preferred length

 Pull & bear - quite nice, probably the model made it look nicer than it is... but the trims are not very colour matched so...

 H&M - umm... don't like the white fake fur trim on the hood and the bronze snap buttons

 American Eagle - too brown

And................. mine!!!! i think it is the best!!!!!

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