Tuesday, 8 November 2011

i have a thing for... SCHUESSSSSS

okay... shoes again. hehe... i am don't usually wear heels, but then i find a lot of us bought heels unconsciously and thought that one day, one day we will find the right occasion to wear them. (they always feel more comfy in the store) i was told by someone who has a friend that treat shoes as collectables. for centuries shoes have been haunting us and i think this 'curse' will go on... forever and ever.

sometimes i would do something silly like... just clicking on ASOS for shoes that i like, putting them into the shopping cart and pretend that i have bought them. let me show you what's in my shopping cart at the moment:

maybe one day, one day i will lose control and click on the 'buy' button!!!

recently i saw a slogan from a french shoe brand called 'chocolate schubar', it says:

cool huh? they have nice mary janes and ballerinas too... and i just realised they have a shop near my home, definitely gonna pay them a visit.

so dear husbands, please don't count the pairs of shoes we own and criticize us no more!!!

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