Tuesday, 29 November 2011

i have a thing for... BLACK FLAT LONG BOOTS

these madewell ones are sweet too - oh man...

a tragedy happened last weekend....................

i wasn't prepared to fall for them. i wasn't even prepared to see them either, everybody else knows they are just like a four-leaved clover, they appear and go just like that.

yes, i am talking about a pair of italian-made, black, flat, long boots, on SALE baby.

i almost screamed out, i gasped and ran over to pick it up, turning it over to look at the price... it wasn't cheap but very reasonable for this type of boots, which i consider it as 'my lucky day' as the look of them were so simple and no buckles or chains hanging around it, the sole and flat heel colour is just right, the leather wash is just right, the shape and length is just right, everything... was perfect.

when i knew that shop doesn't have the size i wanted, i immediately went to another shop (after getting permission from my husband) but still... half a size too small. what the hell... i was so tempted to get them but i feel i am not being sensible as feet swells after some hours of walking. so...

well, that means they don't belong to me. bye bye, so long, my love at first sight.

p.s. i told my gal friend who has smaller feet to get them instead, they fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after, bless them!!!

madewell lace-up shoes. love those olive green ones~~~

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