Tuesday, 22 November 2011

i have a thing for... ACCESSORY STORAGE

i can't say my accessory storage is bad, but it is definitely not good enough. technically it should be a 'device' that helps me to list out everything i have, and be able to locate the items i need easily. it will be so helpful in rush mornings (every morning)...

below are some storage which i think will be best as they also showcase your collection and becomes a decoration of your room.

this is very pretty... but you can't hold much and you need these beautiful china pieces which i think is not so practical.

i totally agree with the idea of displaying your accessories beside your wardrobe, it will save you time from running around like crazy matching them.

 this way you can get very organized.

 this is cute... but way to small for many of us. it will be pretty as part of the storage.
 i need one of these hanging ones as i have loads of long necklaces... all tangled up in a tin box...

this is my dream storage i guess... it has EVERYTHING i need. but i need a huge bedroom or throw away my husband's clothes just to get one of these haha

so... what's your ideal accessory storage??

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