Monday, 7 November 2011

i have a thing for... IMAGINE THAT

where has all our imagination gone???

i eventually had time to sit down and watch a movie on HBO. lately i was so occupied by dinners; family dinners, birthday dinners, friends gathering dinners, more time was spent outside then at home. yet i find it very exhausting and i miss the quiet times i had with my cats and husband, so even if it was quite late already we chose to sit on the couch together and stare at the tv.

this movie, Imagine that, was not a big Hollywood production, in fact the story itself is sort of predictable and very kiddy. it's about a divorced man trying so hard to pursue his financial career, his daughter has always been neglected by him, and it happens she is the key to his success when he finds out her magical imagination leads him to find directions (literally) for his client accounts' investments.

i once was told i cannot be a designer. i couldn't deny at that moment - all the admin stuff, emailing, company policies and office politics murdered my creative cells, i almost couldn't find myself... i became a boring, nervous and serious person. just like the dad in this movie, i was blocked inside this room without windows. 

until i left my job i chose to work with children... it was such a change. when i thought i could teach them something with my design degree, it was them who reminded me how to be happy, to be cheeky... to make mistakes and enjoy the process of making them. they showed me how precious IMAGINATION is. here's a quote from my friend, 'we always remember what is urgent and forget what is important'.  i was such a workaholic that i forgot about my health, family and friends, i almost have given up the most important part of my life, the things that are the most beautiful, which has always been my source of imagination.

from time to time i would ask myself if i would regret my choice of leaving my previous career path. however the answer is always as clear as crystal. i will still pick the tv and couch option :)

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