Thursday, 16 February 2012

i have a thing for... MARY KATRANTZOU X TOPSHOP

mary Katrantzou as one of the new bloods from the UK has wow-ed us not long ago... and topshop has collaborated with her to design a collection for SS12. lets see what this range has included:

some of her prints are as beautiful as usual, very floral and reminds me of chinoiseries... not sure why she didn't have printed shorts or skirts, the one pieces dresses are brilliant but the only thing i would buy might only be the blouse, and would only wear it for special occasions.

those black pieces, which i feel they look at bit unrelated to the whole thing, are kinda disappointing to me as they look very commercial, and shouldn't be included in this collaboration.

overall i would give it a 50/100 coz i have had very high expectations on it. it doesn't look complete and i hope this is not the end of it???

i have a thing for... ZARA MARCH

first of all, the blue backdrop is absolutely stunning.
secondly, white. white leather jacket, white jumpsuit. nice.
third, look at those studs. omg.
moreover... that mint colour shirt hidden at the back.

the end

Monday, 13 February 2012

i have a thing for... MARNI X H&M (2)

 Vogue Russia Jan 2012

just an update... H&M has announced that the Marni crossover collection will be in store on the 8th of March. right, so we have plenty of time to take some annual leaves for lining up. hmm....

to check out the latest commercial for the campaign click on the link below:

i have a thing for... A TINY BIT OF NEON (OR A WHOLE LOT LOL)

the urban sportswear theme is all over the runway! (particularly love alexander wang's collection) so now the fast fashion brands is starting to pick these brights up to make affordable versions... lets get sporty and welcome the upcoming trendy+fashionable london olympics together...

monki's spring collection is out, so is zara... and they have the hottest colour of the season - neon yellow!!!

some of you might think neon colours are hard to wear... in fact for oriental skin tones it could be tricky. though if you wear it with neutral colours like beige to tone it down, the result can be great! and it goes very well with silver too~

that's a pretty cool cube ring there, i don't know what's up to me but i bought so many rings recently. i need to control myself... :P

oh by the way, happy valentine's day to you all!! wish you a great day with your love ones xoxo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

i have a thing for... COUPLE TEES

i am never a big celebrator of feb the 14th, as i think we should be grateful for 'love' for more than just one single day. anyways, for those who are having trouble picking gifts for your other half, here's a cute choice...

 Just love : Valentines day tee collection from Pull & Bear

i am kinda connected to the cat and lion pair... hahaha... those of you who know me will understand~~~<3

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

i have a thing for... LAY BACK SLACK x TAILORED

hello guys, happy chinese new year!!

been slacking since last couple of weeks... all the shops around were closed and so has my mood and inspiration. seems like my brain needs a vacation too. well i had one, so today i am trying to reboot my engines and get some creative stuff out of it.

Sietske from connected to fashion

recently during work research i came across this blogger for connected to fashion (you probably have heard about her already). check out her site here~ love the way she handles the simplest pieces together and still look absolutely effortlessly cool.

adore these pair of boots from sacha

i am gonna keep following her blog to get inspired :)

lay back... it is my strength to slack everyday, i would find out different ways of slacking, the most effective way to slack, and so slack that makes everybody jealous. haha... just kidding, but after working in a crazy job for years i have decide life is about treating yourself right. work is to provide the bread and butter and it should not stress you at all... life is too short to get stressed!!!

here are some of my fav slack pieces:

 cheap monday - the combination of different marles - a slight twist from ordinary sweaters
 i can't say more about this... look at those laced up boots in silver, and the shirt with that hooded jumper.

 T by alexander wang - sexy sporty look

 sweater with leather skirt... love

 drop shoulder sweater with pleated long skirt... more love

sweater with shirt, pencil skirt and sneakers? can it be any cooler????

try to play with this contrasting combo with the most basic pieces in your wardrobe and surprise yourself!!