Monday, 31 October 2011

i have a thing for... CROSSOVER

i used to admire luxury brands and thinking spending a LOT on clothing and shoes are just how it should be. everything changes when you have your own family... mortgage... bills... how can one manage to feed their hunger for designer brands but still able to pay their own bills?? (other than working mega off their axx)

fast fashion save the world. (at least that's what i felt haha)

they are fashionable, affordable, exchangeable, trash-able, machine washable... etc. it saves me a lot of time when i don't have to try it on before i buy it as i hate these long queues at the stores, and if it doesn't fit me i can just go and change for another size or even product. i can buy a lot more items (with the price that i can only buy 1/4 of a branded dress) and play with them, allows me to do more mixing and matching.

it's even better when these brands do crossover campaigns... in the past they were always very successful, e.g. the Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney x H&M, Missoni x Target, Mary Katrantzou x topshop (this is so exciting even it's not out until next feb). And when the trend of stylist/bloggers emerged they were asking models slash what you called i.t. girls to design collections for them, e.g. Kate moss x topshop, Alexa Chung for madewell... some of these i.t girls are so talented and... young... many are below 20 yrs old!! these i.t. girls are seen nowadays in many of the online brand stores, showing off their styling skills, attracting more followers. their influential power are not to be underestimated.

Mary Katrantzou x Topshop SS 2012

 Celebrities wearing Lanvin x H&M Winter 2010

 Alexa Chung for Madewell 2010

this whole trend about collaboration is what fashion is becoming: it is not just clothing, it's about lifestyle and to be unique. fashion is becoming more and more important to a wider range of audience. the new generation is confident and not afraid to share with the world what they like, and who they are. they have strong passion for fashion. i am looking forward to learning more from them!! :)

i have a thing for... AUDREY KAWASAKI

as an illustrator graduate myself, the works of other illustrators are a gift to me coz i can always get inspired by what media combination they use, how they pass the message across the illustration to the audience, and the story behind each of them. 

i am particularly fond of drawing girls. their eyes and lips are the most important feature to me, which is what stands out from the whole picture -  it tells you what this character feels, whether she's sentimental or yearning for love... or it actually reflects what the illustrator felt at that moment???

audrey kawasaki's illustrations are about contradictions. these beautiful, youthful, pure and flawless girls are surrounded by erotic, devilish, dangerous subjects, like skeletons of animals, sea monsters or beasts to create this interesting and disturbing contrast. the wood background is a great canvas as it allows the paint/ink to flow through building different levels of colours and subtlety within the whole image.

Friday, 28 October 2011

i have a thing for... MONKI

Monki AW2011 Owl n Fox

Monki's first Hong Kong store (and first store outside Europe) opened on 30th Sept 2010, as a curious little designer of coz i would have visited them as soon as their grand opening. my first impression was... BIG. everything was so big, i usually wear size M but i had to wear S or sometimes XS. to be honest, it took me quite a few months to digest their style. Now i am in love with their simple, quirky style and colour palette...

so, here is my recent purchase(s) from Monki, except for the shoes, which i couldn't get coz they were out of stock. i have one thing to say about the green dress though, the size spec is very strange and had to exchange it with another dress which i will post the pics of it later.

happy friday x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

i have a thing for... SHOPPING ADDICTION

       i like this omg look on her face, you just don't realise it when you are in the shopping fantasy land...
 from the movie 'confessions of a shopaholic'

one of the daily topics with my girlfriends, that we would never get tired of, would be about shopping. (especially for clothing)

'i need a _____.'
'where can i find the best _______?'
'oh i went to ______ the other day and saw this _______ which have been looking for for ages.'
'shxx i just bought a _______ and found i have a similar one at home!!! anyways...'
'this is not the same as the one i have. the colour/fabric/length/button is different... oops'

hahaha. we can never ever get tired of shopping indeed. it can happen any second any day for any reason (we can be very creative). it's definitely one of the best remedy to release us from work pressure!! shopping is an emotional act really. though i would sometimes feel guilty after paying and carrying all these bags from zxra, h&x, coxxon on, etc. and thinking, did i buy sth i don't need AGAIN??? i would hide these bags inside my handbag and pretend they don't exist, at least until i got home and hang them with the tag facing the inside of the wardrobe.

why is it so addictive???

i have a little advice for all us shopaholics: think twice before you buy... step out of the shop, get cooled down first, and browse more before you make the decision. coz you might find a better option the second you step back!! LOL (that means more shopping...)

is there a rehab for this anywhere in the whole universe???

i have a thing for... LESS

for me, i think it depends on my mood... i tend to get influenced by what i am looking at during that period and subconsciously leaning towards those colours/styles. it's hard to define my own style, my wardrobe is kinda a mixture of preppy + girly + brights + classic stuff. i like vintage, but i was never great at wearing them; i don't like putting make up on, unless it's a must situation (i've got sensitive skin...)

i always prefer less than more... less is more.

i am constantly in favor of the school girl look - the pioneer of this look Alexa Chung - so effortlessly stylish. i just can't take my eyes off her!

what's your look today?

i have a thing for... CATS

Yup, cats are the whole world to me. fat, skinny, patterned, solid colour, good ones bad ones...etc i am all crazy about them. especially excited when cats were trendy in fashion (printed dresses and scarfs!!)... i currently have 4 cats at home, oh how i miss them everyday when i go to work...