Monday, 31 October 2011

i have a thing for... AUDREY KAWASAKI

as an illustrator graduate myself, the works of other illustrators are a gift to me coz i can always get inspired by what media combination they use, how they pass the message across the illustration to the audience, and the story behind each of them. 

i am particularly fond of drawing girls. their eyes and lips are the most important feature to me, which is what stands out from the whole picture -  it tells you what this character feels, whether she's sentimental or yearning for love... or it actually reflects what the illustrator felt at that moment???

audrey kawasaki's illustrations are about contradictions. these beautiful, youthful, pure and flawless girls are surrounded by erotic, devilish, dangerous subjects, like skeletons of animals, sea monsters or beasts to create this interesting and disturbing contrast. the wood background is a great canvas as it allows the paint/ink to flow through building different levels of colours and subtlety within the whole image.

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