Tuesday, 20 December 2011

i have a thing for... THE PERFECT DISGUISE

dated a friend the other day, i thought to look cool and wore my frames without lens to meet her. the funny thing is she couldn't recognize me!!

what these lens-less frames are doing to us when everybody is wearing them nowadays?!

glasses are something that i used to hate, they are my burden alongside maths, braces and pimples during puberty... sucks man. but strange as fate has brought this vintage trend back to life, i have overcome my childhood nightmare and figured i should give it a go - hence i bought my first pair of plastic frames.

my designer friends are actually all wearing them nowadays. however the first person whom i know that were and are crazy about them is back dating to 2000 when i first met my CSM girlfriend. she has all kinds of quirky, vintage, ski-look frames (with lens!!) and surprisingly each and everyone of them fitted her perfectly. we call this 'a gift' for wearing frames, which means she can carry any shape and any colour pretty well. this accessory has become her signature look, till now.

the shapes i can wear are quite limited. i am not good with frames that are too thick or too chunky, and i need to stay away from square or rectangular ones as they make me look like a man. neither do the john lennon ones work on me. as for colour, i love tortoise shell and earthy tones, but black is the easiest to go with everything so i got my first ones in black, still looking for a nice pair of brown ones.

i love checking the eyewear section in the American Apparel website, the brand 'Dead stock Vintage eyewear' is absolutely inspiring. although i can't really shop from them i would check out the latest frames from them..

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