Tuesday, 13 December 2011

i have a thing for... BRANDS THAT EVOLVED (1)

what does not evolve becomes extinct. according to Darwin's evolution theory, all must become stronger to avoid being kicked out of the game. this same theory applies to all industry, including fashion.

i always love to see high end brands transforming from their historical signature identities into a whole new young look. this action requires a lot of courage and inspires their competitors, that if the risk is worth taking. customers these days are always in need of surprises, new ideas and their likes constantly change with the economy, news, technology, celebrities, generation etc.

the spending power of the teenagers are certainly growing, compare to 10 years ago. think back as a teen, just starting to use my first monocolour mobile phone calling my friends, emailing from a regular pc, read news from newspaper/tv and checking out the new fall winter collections from shop window displays. these days? 6 out of 10 teens possess an iphone, multi-whatsapping and facebooking-liking friends' pictures all at the same time, online shopping, tao bao-ing, gossip girl-ing, they just don't get told what is new anymore - they have all kinds of devices that allow them to find out by themselves. and they blog about it. the platforms and ways to obtain various information is humongous. and if any brand doesn't provide the new stuff, they will no longer be interested.

brands that evolved - Pringle of Scotland:

 Pringles of Scotland vintage

 Pre-fall 2012

 Ad campaigns featuring Tilda Swindon

SS2012 collection

Pringle of Scotland, a UK heritage brand founded in 1815, is best known for its gorgeously cosy knitwear and signature argyle. past fans included the original sweater girls: Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Jean Simmons; modern wearers will delight in the pretty details. since 2000, the brand has taken its ready-to-wear range in an altogether chicer direction, adding romantic but understated evening dresses and bouncing skirts to the mix; just the thing for a Highlands holiday.

working with Tilda Swindon as their ready-to-wear range icon is a great success as she totally matches with the edgy and unisex direction they are trying to portrait. with Alistair Carr as the newly appointed design director, the brand have been sucking up new blood, beginning their partnership with Central Saint Martins last year on an archive project.

Top four from Pringle Archive 1930-1970
Bottom four clockwise 2011 designs by Viktor Smedinge, Timur Kim (x2) and Yeori Bae

to be continued..................

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