Tuesday, 8 November 2011

i have a thing for... SURFING PLASTICS

a dear friend's birthday's coming up soon... time to shop for pressies. i always think choosing a good present for someone is in a way a form of art, depending on the occasion, personality of the receiver, season, weather, mood, people at the event, pets...........etc. it requires a lot of observation, intuition, patience and creativity. so basically it is a GIFT to be able to pick the right GIFT. period. lol

this special friend of mine has special taste - anything that can be bright not shiny, not too girly but can have a touch of cuteness, something cool but not too masculine. once i got her a bracelet but i am sure she has never worn it as it was too girly... well that was one failure but after that i sort of captured what she likes.

i went on a trip with her earlier this year and knew that she likes collecting watches. i started looking at some of these brightly coloured attractive watches and think i should give them a show here:

the surfing contrasty brights are great when you are going for an outdoor look once in a while, even not a sporty girl as myself i can't stop checking out on them. the minimal and cheerful interface designs made them more than just a functional piece.

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  1. OMG! NIXON watches!!! One of my FAVE brand!!! But kind of expensive! >_< (OK, start buying Mark Six! hahaha)


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