Wednesday, 9 November 2011

i have a thing for... BAJAU GYPSIES

i know it's a tiny bit late but big congratsssss to my dear friend Ling Cheong for her award in the 'one life photos competition 2011'!!!

her collection of stunning picture portraying the group of population living among the Bajau sea was very powerful to me. to be honest, as ignorant as i am i never knew their existence.

Quote from Ling's description -

'The Bajau sea gypsies have moved with the monsoons between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia for centuries. Their origins preceding the invisible national boundaries that have grown up around them. Now seen as immigrants by the mainlanders they live almost entirely at sea.'

looking at them living such a simple life,  a life without being bound by iphones, facebook, stock markets bla bla... how different they are from us? we can never go back to that.

how precious.

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