Tuesday, 22 November 2011

i have a thing for... LIPSTICK QUEEN

 The Saint & Sinner - one of the best sellers from Lipstick Queen

lipstick to me, was a sign of femininity, of mature women when i was young. confession - as a girl when i went home after school, there's nobody home except the maid. i would sneak into my mother's room, quietly opening her makeup cases and search for treasures to play around with. she had an amazing collection of lipsticks, from rouge to nude, i tried every single one of them like i was in a candy store. i think my mom didn't notice... but yeah that was part of my secret childhood memory... hehe.

saw this brand from Stylesight earlier - Lipstick Queen. especially like how they use Art Noveau style illustrations for packaging. i buy lipsticks now and then, but i was never able to finish any one of them... leaving me tubes of lipsticks standing next to each other, abandoned in a makeup drawer. if i had a daughter, i wonder if she would do the same as what i did to my collection??

Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite art nouveau illustrators. love the way how he portraits women, so legendary and Goddess-like. love the way he used colours and the jewelery designs too, seemed like he knows what women want???

Primrose and feather by Mucha

 The Seasons by Mucha

 Moon and Stars by Mucha

Did you know - the right colour for your zodiac sign... what's your colour?

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