Thursday, 17 November 2011

i have a thing for... THE NEW JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS AD

A little more than a month till Christmas... came across this heart-warming ad from a heart-warming friend this morning, want to share it with you all.

it always feel great when you receive but even greater when you give.

i noticed this advent calender in the ad in this little kid's room, reminds me that once i had one too, those paperback ones that you poke through everyday. the small surprise inside could be chocolate, or a toy. to me it was a 'wonderful' count down experience as i usually don't follow the dates and poking part was pretty violent... hehe. i am not the type of patient person therefore waiting for 30 days for me is simply torture - yup i have always had a damn good Christmas in my childhood. and i am very thankful for it.

some of these advent calendars today are so neat...

i am particularly attracted to the red and green combo... the classic. and those little wooden drawers are just so adorable!! 

i like the idea of these calendars as they teach kids to be thankful everyday. 
'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift - that's why they call it present'.

lets be thankful for everyday and everything we experience!!

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