Tuesday, 29 November 2011

i have a thing for... BLACK FLAT LONG BOOTS

these madewell ones are sweet too - oh man...

a tragedy happened last weekend....................

i wasn't prepared to fall for them. i wasn't even prepared to see them either, everybody else knows they are just like a four-leaved clover, they appear and go just like that.

yes, i am talking about a pair of italian-made, black, flat, long boots, on SALE baby.

i almost screamed out, i gasped and ran over to pick it up, turning it over to look at the price... it wasn't cheap but very reasonable for this type of boots, which i consider it as 'my lucky day' as the look of them were so simple and no buckles or chains hanging around it, the sole and flat heel colour is just right, the leather wash is just right, the shape and length is just right, everything... was perfect.

when i knew that shop doesn't have the size i wanted, i immediately went to another shop (after getting permission from my husband) but still... half a size too small. what the hell... i was so tempted to get them but i feel i am not being sensible as feet swells after some hours of walking. so...

well, that means they don't belong to me. bye bye, so long, my love at first sight.

p.s. i told my gal friend who has smaller feet to get them instead, they fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after, bless them!!!

madewell lace-up shoes. love those olive green ones~~~

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

i have a thing for... LIPSTICK QUEEN

 The Saint & Sinner - one of the best sellers from Lipstick Queen

lipstick to me, was a sign of femininity, of mature women when i was young. confession - as a girl when i went home after school, there's nobody home except the maid. i would sneak into my mother's room, quietly opening her makeup cases and search for treasures to play around with. she had an amazing collection of lipsticks, from rouge to nude, i tried every single one of them like i was in a candy store. i think my mom didn't notice... but yeah that was part of my secret childhood memory... hehe.

saw this brand from Stylesight earlier - Lipstick Queen. especially like how they use Art Noveau style illustrations for packaging. i buy lipsticks now and then, but i was never able to finish any one of them... leaving me tubes of lipsticks standing next to each other, abandoned in a makeup drawer. if i had a daughter, i wonder if she would do the same as what i did to my collection??

Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite art nouveau illustrators. love the way how he portraits women, so legendary and Goddess-like. love the way he used colours and the jewelery designs too, seemed like he knows what women want???

Primrose and feather by Mucha

 The Seasons by Mucha

 Moon and Stars by Mucha

Did you know - the right colour for your zodiac sign... what's your colour?

i have a thing for... ACCESSORY STORAGE

i can't say my accessory storage is bad, but it is definitely not good enough. technically it should be a 'device' that helps me to list out everything i have, and be able to locate the items i need easily. it will be so helpful in rush mornings (every morning)...

below are some storage which i think will be best as they also showcase your collection and becomes a decoration of your room.

this is very pretty... but you can't hold much and you need these beautiful china pieces which i think is not so practical.

i totally agree with the idea of displaying your accessories beside your wardrobe, it will save you time from running around like crazy matching them.

 this way you can get very organized.

 this is cute... but way to small for many of us. it will be pretty as part of the storage.
 i need one of these hanging ones as i have loads of long necklaces... all tangled up in a tin box...

this is my dream storage i guess... it has EVERYTHING i need. but i need a huge bedroom or throw away my husband's clothes just to get one of these haha

so... what's your ideal accessory storage??

Sunday, 20 November 2011

i have a thing for... WINTER (PART 2)

yes i did it!!! i bought the jacket~~~ i bought the jacket~~~ lalalalalala

so that's one pain in the ass solved. i really, truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope that this will be the last purchase of my winter wardrobe... however, in reality i think unless i don't go within a 100 metres of these shops, i won't be able to fulfill the promise of not buying another piece of garment this winter. crap!!!

well this is the end of my confession. that was the shopping remedy i need to calm my past week's stress down. i deserve it!!!

here i am comparing the olive green parka jackets available in fast fashion stores in HK (except the one from Topshop which i feel i should also take it into account as they are the pioneers of FF).

Topshop - soso... don't like the sherpa lining

 Zara - looks too fitted and short

 Zara - unattractive colour and trims

  Zara - not warm enough for cold weather and not my preferred length

 Pull & bear - quite nice, probably the model made it look nicer than it is... but the trims are not very colour matched so...

 H&M - umm... don't like the white fake fur trim on the hood and the bronze snap buttons

 American Eagle - too brown

And................. mine!!!! i think it is the best!!!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

i have a thing for... THE NEW JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS AD

A little more than a month till Christmas... came across this heart-warming ad from a heart-warming friend this morning, want to share it with you all.


it always feel great when you receive but even greater when you give.

i noticed this advent calender in the ad in this little kid's room, reminds me that once i had one too, those paperback ones that you poke through everyday. the small surprise inside could be chocolate, or a toy. to me it was a 'wonderful' count down experience as i usually don't follow the dates and poking part was pretty violent... hehe. i am not the type of patient person therefore waiting for 30 days for me is simply torture - yup i have always had a damn good Christmas in my childhood. and i am very thankful for it.

some of these advent calendars today are so neat...

i am particularly attracted to the red and green combo... the classic. and those little wooden drawers are just so adorable!! 

i like the idea of these calendars as they teach kids to be thankful everyday. 
'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift - that's why they call it present'.

lets be thankful for everyday and everything we experience!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

i have a thing for... SIMPLE AND SLEEK AND CHUNKY

the magic thing about jewellery styling is, if you apply different pieces of accessories with same top or dress, you can turn day wear into evening wear, and something simple and boring into sleek and chic.

along the chunky accessory trend i have found a few items which i think can easily go well with one piece dresses or black tops and achieve a statement look :

Tommy Hilfiger (image from Stylesight)

Earrings - Topshop
Bangle - Topshop

Necklace - Topshop

Cuffs & Choker - Reiss

as for myself... i am still looking for the perfect simple metallic choker. it is HARD!!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

i have a thing for... BAJAU GYPSIES

i know it's a tiny bit late but big congratsssss to my dear friend Ling Cheong for her award in the 'one life photos competition 2011'!!!

her collection of stunning picture portraying the group of population living among the Bajau sea was very powerful to me. to be honest, as ignorant as i am i never knew their existence.

Quote from Ling's description -

'The Bajau sea gypsies have moved with the monsoons between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia for centuries. Their origins preceding the invisible national boundaries that have grown up around them. Now seen as immigrants by the mainlanders they live almost entirely at sea.'

looking at them living such a simple life,  a life without being bound by iphones, facebook, stock markets bla bla... how different they are from us? we can never go back to that.

how precious.

i have a thing for... ROP VAN MIERLO

came across this illustrator/animator. loves what he says his new book:

  (check out the video... love the paw)

there are no written stories in this book, just illustrations created using blobs of water colour blended together beautifully, and naively. there's no over decorated drawings or directional emotions, the reader can simply apply their own feelings and imagination to these images of animals.
Rop van mierlo has just been awarded the Best Graphic Design for his book at the Dutch design awards 2011.

 also check out his crazy animation 'leaf house' on: http://vimeo.com/1696731