Wednesday, 2 November 2011

i have a thing for... THE BANG!

HAHAHA...this is so funny. this BANG! table lamp by bitplay INC. is hilarious!!
this is their ad for the product:

About bitplay INC.:

'Why shouldn’t we have fun with our everyday objects? It’s important for things to be usable and elegant. But what if there’s the possibility of a little something more—a little bit of playfulness in how we interact with our objects?

That’s the idea behind bitplay. We design objects that have a sense of humor, that bring a little magic to our everyday interactions.
Little delights can trigger something big—that’s why we’re called bitplay.'

i once read a book 'a smile in the mind', it says that a good design should be able to interact with the audience, let them get curious, let them play with it... let them think. in this way people remembers your design - that's what they called 'witty thinking'.

i love that book, i copied notes from it even, lol. i almost carried it with me everyday during my foundation year.

anyways, this playful design reminds me of my beloved book.

Taiwan Designers' Week 2011

right... wednesday is finished, 2 more days to go...

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