Thursday, 27 October 2011

i have a thing for... SHOPPING ADDICTION

       i like this omg look on her face, you just don't realise it when you are in the shopping fantasy land...
 from the movie 'confessions of a shopaholic'

one of the daily topics with my girlfriends, that we would never get tired of, would be about shopping. (especially for clothing)

'i need a _____.'
'where can i find the best _______?'
'oh i went to ______ the other day and saw this _______ which have been looking for for ages.'
'shxx i just bought a _______ and found i have a similar one at home!!! anyways...'
'this is not the same as the one i have. the colour/fabric/length/button is different... oops'

hahaha. we can never ever get tired of shopping indeed. it can happen any second any day for any reason (we can be very creative). it's definitely one of the best remedy to release us from work pressure!! shopping is an emotional act really. though i would sometimes feel guilty after paying and carrying all these bags from zxra, h&x, coxxon on, etc. and thinking, did i buy sth i don't need AGAIN??? i would hide these bags inside my handbag and pretend they don't exist, at least until i got home and hang them with the tag facing the inside of the wardrobe.

why is it so addictive???

i have a little advice for all us shopaholics: think twice before you buy... step out of the shop, get cooled down first, and browse more before you make the decision. coz you might find a better option the second you step back!! LOL (that means more shopping...)

is there a rehab for this anywhere in the whole universe???


  1. One more from me (and I'm totally agree with you all of the above!):

    "I NEED a ___ to match with my ___ seriously! NO I don't have ANY to match omg!"

    Love your blog, keep going and i will be your little blog chaser.

  2. Dude, u r my worm. It feels great to receive the very first msg from u dear. Glad u love it~~ Please keep giving me feedbacks so that I can keep improving... Xoxo


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