Monday, 13 February 2012

i have a thing for... A TINY BIT OF NEON (OR A WHOLE LOT LOL)

the urban sportswear theme is all over the runway! (particularly love alexander wang's collection) so now the fast fashion brands is starting to pick these brights up to make affordable versions... lets get sporty and welcome the upcoming trendy+fashionable london olympics together...

monki's spring collection is out, so is zara... and they have the hottest colour of the season - neon yellow!!!

some of you might think neon colours are hard to wear... in fact for oriental skin tones it could be tricky. though if you wear it with neutral colours like beige to tone it down, the result can be great! and it goes very well with silver too~

that's a pretty cool cube ring there, i don't know what's up to me but i bought so many rings recently. i need to control myself... :P

oh by the way, happy valentine's day to you all!! wish you a great day with your love ones xoxo

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