Thursday, 16 February 2012

i have a thing for... MARY KATRANTZOU X TOPSHOP

mary Katrantzou as one of the new bloods from the UK has wow-ed us not long ago... and topshop has collaborated with her to design a collection for SS12. lets see what this range has included:

some of her prints are as beautiful as usual, very floral and reminds me of chinoiseries... not sure why she didn't have printed shorts or skirts, the one pieces dresses are brilliant but the only thing i would buy might only be the blouse, and would only wear it for special occasions.

those black pieces, which i feel they look at bit unrelated to the whole thing, are kinda disappointing to me as they look very commercial, and shouldn't be included in this collaboration.

overall i would give it a 50/100 coz i have had very high expectations on it. it doesn't look complete and i hope this is not the end of it???

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