Monday, 21 May 2012

i have a thing for... SOMETHING NEW SOMETHING OLD

spotted these stamp sets from Stylesight - this set of stamps which is launched by Royal mail UK, celebrates ten of the most notable fashion designers in Great Britain, and yes McQ is in it. they reminded me of my boarding school days when i will check every month for new collective stamp sets from the remote post office for my dad (i was in Ashford, Kent, UK back then). he was a collectives fanatic, in fact he collects anything that he likes, from hummel dolls to crystals, from precious china tea sets to vase from the Qing dynasty, he has them all. stamps are just a very small part of his whole thing.

these illustrations wowed me - they are by Mark Powell from London, he uses biro pens to made these drawings. this is something i used to do too, doodling on envelops, calculating bills, scribbling telephone numbers, marking down messages. people don't post things these days anymore, the internet is just too convenient. so these hand written envelops with ink chops are actually quite precious. love how the drawings are full of textures, character, details. 

to me, these elderly people's portraits could mean how the analogue side of our civilization is fading away, are we gradually forgetting things that are actually important?

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