Thursday, 19 July 2012

i have a thing for... TOPSHOP AW12 COLLECTION

 From Topshop blog 'inside out'

it is bloody hot every day in HK. seriously, the moment you step out the building you start sweating. (today it is 32 degrees celsius and it feels like 40 under the sun) i envy those who live in the colder countries where you never feel hot at all, and bloggers who live there can always look as chic as they want with layering of clothing and accessories without getting cooked.

and in the meantime, AW collections arrive in all stores quietly among the crazy sales. it must be hard to imagine how to dress in Winter during this horribly boiling weather, but then, planning for the wardrobe is always essential - that's what trend forecasts are for!! lol

so, what do you think about the topshop AW12 collection? i am loving the colour palette, trims, boxy silhouettes, it is not as luxurious as the h&m one, but certainly more suitable for people who adore a bit of military style.

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