Sunday, 8 January 2012

i have a thing for... these LBDs on sale

after my long vacation... it's time to say bye-bye to paradise and hello to the reality.

wondering what is the theme for this year's company dinner. wondering if any of my outfits in the wardrobe fits the theme. wondering if i need to start searching for some new clothes for CNY. wondering if my credit card has reached its limits after my trip. hmm... life is full of wonders...

sales is everywhere, temptation and evil thoughts as well. in hk zara is always the messiest place on this planet during the sales period, other than lane crawford when shoes, scarfs and jewellery that cost over thousand bucks flying everywhere like they don't cost a penny. well probably some people see this as some sort of challenge and have the time to search for treasures... lucky them. poor me i can only ask my friend over whatsapp to check out items i see online and praying they still exist in the stores!!

how about treating myself with these little black dresses on sale?

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