Friday, 20 January 2012

i have a thing for... TARGET X JASON WU (STRIPES!!!)

the reason why i have a thing for this cute and preppy collection is mainly because of the stripes and cats in it. stripes are one of the best thing in the world, it is basically a fail-proof-life-saver in our daily life.

stripes are usually related to nautical topics, in colours of navy blues, white and red combo. breton stripes are the easist and most popular stripes among all to be worn.

The flag of Brittany

what are breton stripes:
The Breton stripe shirt originated in Brittany—a French province that occupies the peninsula between the English Channel and Bay of Biscay—which may explain its nautical affiliation. The long-sleeved cotton garment usually has a boat neck and, traditionally, the stripes begin around the breastbone.

Pirate-inspired sweater and stripe rainboots from Topshop

 Striped jersey skirts - my next target from Forever21

 Who can beat Alexa on stripes??

 Madewell Spring 2012

Madewell Spring 2012

Madewell Spring 2012

 J.crew Spring 2012

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